aespa Stage Outfits Are the Perfect Size for Kids Mannequins?

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 19, 2021

aespa Stage Outfits Are the Perfect Size for Kids Mannequins?
Fans were shocked after finding out how small K-pop girl group aespa's stage outfits are. 

On November 13, some photos were posted on a popular K-pop online community that surprised a great number of fans. 

The photos were taken at the KINTEX Exhibition Center where '2021 Global Entertainment Expo' was taking place. 
aespaAt the exhibition, aespa's management agency SM Entertainment displayed aespa's stage outfits at their booth. 

They were beige/light pink outfits that were worn by the members once. 

These were worn when aespa members were promoting 'Savage' in the beginning of last month. 
aespaaespaSurprisingly though, they all had to be displayed in kids mannequins. 

According to the staff there, the outfits were too tiny for regular adult sized mannequins that they had no choice but to use kids mannequins. 

It was almost so hard-to-believe that any adults would be able to even fit themselves in them. 

Under this post, fans left comments such as, "Do the girls seriously fit into those? Wow...", "They're like half the size of my clothes.", "How skinny are they?!" and so on. 
aespa(Credit= Online Community) 

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