MONSTA X MINHYUK Unexpectedly Confesses that He Has Been in a Relationship for 7 Years

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 24, 2021

MONSTA X MINHYUK Unexpectedly Confesses that He Has Been in a Relationship for 7 Years
MINHYUK of K-pop boy group MONSTA X made everybody surprised by stating that he has been in a relationship for seven years. 

On November 23 episode of SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Kim Yeong-cheol's Power FM', MONSTA X made a guest appearance. 
MONSTA XDuring the talk, the host mentioned some of MONSTA X's great achievements in the last seven years since the group's debut. 

Following that, he asked, "Tell me, do you think MONSTA X managed to dominate the K-pop scene?" 

I.M answered, "Well, I don't know about dominating the K-pop scene, but we certainly left a footprint in the scene." 

To his answer, the other members of MONSTA X shouted for joy, then gave I.M their thumbs up. 
MONSTA XThen, Kim Yeong-cheol said, "As you guys have been in the industry for almost seven years now, you all must have become masters at answering any kind of questions, even the ones that are hard-to-answer." 

He continued, "So, let me ask you something that probably isn't easy to answer. I heard that you are currently in a relationship, MINHYUK. Is that right?" 

Without hesitation, MINHYUK nodded and answered, "Yes, that's right. I am." 
MONSTA XKim Yeong-cheol was stunned by his honest answer, and froze for a while. 

As Kim Yeong-cheol struggled to respond to MINHYUK's unexpected confession, MINHYUK laughed and commented, "What I meant was, I've been in a relationship with our fandom MONBEBE for the last seven years." 

Immediately after hearing MINHYUK's explanation, Kim Yeong-cheol burst into laughter and could not stop laughing for ages. 
MONSTA XMONSTA X made debut in May 2015 with a first mini album 'TRESPASS'. 

(Credit= 'go5rae' Instagram, SBS POWER FM Kim Yeong-cheol's Power FM) 

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