Lee You Mi Was Working as a Food Delivery Part-timer When 'Squid Game' Made It Big?

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 24, 2021

Lee You Mi Was Working as a Food Delivery Part-timer When 'Squid Game' Made It Big?
Actress Lee You Mi shared that she was working as a part-time food delivery worker when 'Squid Game' made it big. 

On November 24, fashion magazine 'COSMOPOLITAN' shared an interview of Lee You Mi online. 
Lee You MiDuring the interview, Lee You Mi talked about her passion for acting. 

Lee You Mi said, "I find acting really fun. It's different every time. There is also no end to learning acting. I can just keep learning and learning." 

She continued, "Acting is basically studying about people, and it's fun to study about people. Everyone seems the same in a way, but they are all different, you know." 
Lee You MiThen, Lee You Mi was asked about the attention she got after the premiere of Netflix's series 'Squid Game' where she played the role of 'Ji-young'. 

Lee You Mi laughed and answered, "I was actually taking some time off from acting work at that time. I was working as a food delivery part-timer then." 

She went on, "I didn't expect the series to become this big, so I was like, 'What is going on...? I'm just a food delivery worker.' It was definitely awesome though." 

She resumed, "But I try not to think about how popular 'Squid Game' was, and how much I got my name out there, because there are too many things I have to focus on. These days, I try not to forget who I am." 
Lee You MiAfter that, the interviewer asked Lee You Mi about her chemistry with 'Squid Game' co-star Jung Hoyeon. 

Lee You Mi responded, "It was amazing. I'm usually the one who approach to others first. That's how Hoyeon and I got close as well." 

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