Kim Jong-kook Says He Will Adjust Everything to His Wife If She Allows Him to Work Out

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 25, 2021

Kim Jong-kook Says He Will Adjust Everything to His Wife If She Allows Him to Work Out
Singer Kim Jong-kook shared that he is willing to adjust everything to his wife if she lets him work out as much as he wants. 

On November 23 episode of SBS' television show 'Four Men', Kim Jong-kook made a guest appearance. 

While talking together, Kim Jong-kook's good friend actor Cha Tae Hyun said, "Years ago, I wished Jong-kook would get married before he turned 40." 

He continued, "So, I tried to introduce some girls to him and stuff, but I'm not sure these days. Now, I'm like, 'Does he have to get married? I mean, is it necessary?'"
Kim Jong-kookKim Jong-kook responded with a serious look on his face, "But I heard you feel lonelier and lonelier as you get older. So, marriage is like compulsory, some say." 

He added, "I'm going to get married before I turned 50." 

To this, Cha Tae Hyun responded, "Oh, come on! You are turning 47 (Korean age) next year. I know you well enough to know that you will have to see that girl for two to three years before getting married." 

He went on, "Which means you must start seeing someone next year. Getting married before you turn 50 is almost impossible."  
Kim Jong-kookThen, Kim Jong-kook commented, "No, I really will get married by then. You know, a lot of people say you'll see each other's problems after you get married, right? Honestly though, I don't get that at all." 

He resumed, "Isn't it easy? You just have to do everything what your wife wants you to do. It's just one thing for me. As long as she doesn't stop me from working out when I want to, I'll do everything what she says." 

Kim Jun-ho laughed and said, "But you are stingy! You save on so many things. I don't think your wife will be okay with that." 

Kim Jong-kook stated, "No, it'll be okay, because I'm not going to force her to do what I think is right." 
Kim Jong-kook(Credit= SBS Four Men, 'kjk76' Instagram) 

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