MAMAMOO Moon Byul Says She Thought Her Life as a K-pop Star Was Over After Turning 30

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 25, 2021

MAMAMOO Moon Byul Says She Thought Her Life as a K-pop Star Was Over After Turning 30
Moon Byul of K-pop girl group MAMAMOO shared that she thought her career as a K-pop star was over when she turned 30 (Korean age). 

On November 24 episode of SBS' television show 'Girls Scoring a Goal' (literal translation), Moon Byul was seen joining the show as a new member. 
Moon ByulIn the interview prior to her first shooting, Moon Byul shared why she decided she wanted to join 'Girls Scoring a Goal'. 

Moon Byul said, "As I'm a member of K-pop girl group, I couldn't help but think, 'Is it over for me?' when I turned 30." 

She continued, "It's been about seven years since I debuted, and there are so many K-pop groups nowadays. New K-pop groups are continuously making debut." 

She went on, "But at the same time, I thought maybe it was the moment that the second half of my career was starting. Ever since that thought came to my mind, I tried my best to think that way." 
Moon ByulThen, Moon Byul revealed what she intends to show the world in the second half of her career. 

Moon Byul said, "I feel like I've mostly shown myself as part of a group in the first half. In the second half of my career, I want to show everyone who I am." 

She explained, "I want to show them what I like doing as well as what I'm good at. I'm really an energetic, outgoing, fun and playful person." 

She added, "That's the kind of side of myself that I want to show everybody. That's why I decided to join 'Girls Scoring a Goal'." 
Moon ByulMoon Byul made debut as a member of MAMAMOO in June 2014. 

MAMAMOO is one of the most popular K-pop groups at the moment. 

(Credit= SBS Girls Scoring a Goal, 'RBW.MAMAMOO' Facebook) 

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