Lee Seung Gi Says that Some People in the Industry Still Treats Him like He Is a Student

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 29, 2021

Lee Seung Gi Says that Some People in the Industry Still Treats Him like He Is a Student
Singer Lee Seung Gi shared that some people in the industry still treats him like he is a high school student, and he does not feel very good about it. 

On November 28 episode of SBS' television show 'Master in the House', Lee Seung Gi shared what concerns him.  
Lee Seung GiWhile talking to one well-known communication specialist, Lee Seung Gi revealed his concern. 

Lee Seung Gi said, "I feel like communication is hard with some sunbaes I know. I made debut in 2004; it's been like 17 years since my debut." 

He continued, "But they still treat me like I'm a high school student, since they had seen me from that time. I'm pretty old enough myself now. I've grown, you know." 

Then, Lee Seung Gi was asked if they were entertainer Kang Ho-dong and singer Lee Sun-hee, who he has been close for many years. 

Lee Seung Gi laughed and responded, "No, no. It's not them." 
Lee Seung GiAfter that, Lee Seung Gi explained how those sunbaes treat him like a high school student. 

The singer said, "They give me advice and tell me things that are totally for a high school student. When they do that, I want to tell them, 'I'm not Lee Seung Gi that I used to be.' But I can't say that to them. It also makes me kind of uncomfortable when they ask me to sing for them. I'm an adult, you know." 

He resumed, "I sometimes wonder if I should cut them out of my life. It's difficult though, as I feel like I can't just stop seeing them simply because they annoy me every now and then." 
Lee Seung GiBorn in January 1987, Lee Seung Gi made debut with a mega-hit track 'Because You Are My Girl, Noona' (literal translation) in June 2004 when he was only 17 years old. 

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