BTS JIN Gets Asked, "Are You Worldwide Handsome?" at an Amusement Park

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 30, 2021

BTS JIN Gets Asked, "Are You Worldwide Handsome?" at an Amusement Park
JIN of K-pop boy group BTS laughed after getting asked, "Are you worldwide handsome?" at an amusement park in the United States. 

On November 30, JIN updated the group's Twitter with some new photos. 

The photos showed JIN with a Superman cape at an amusement park Six Flags. 

In the first two photos, JIN proudly poses with his cape that looks like it was purchased at the park on the day. 
JINJINThe last photo showed JIN eating a spoon of ice cream that is on top of a delicious-looking waffle. 

Along with this photo, he wrote, "A new friend I made at Six Flags bought me this as a gift." 
JINA couple of hours later, JIN took to the group's official online fan community WeVerse to share a hilarious story to ARMY (the name of BTS' fandom). 

JIN said, "I went to Six Flags today. While I was having fun there, one ARMY asked me, 'Are you worldwide handsome?'" 

He laughingly continued, "That ARMY didn't ask me, 'Are you JIN?'. After I got the question, I got a little confused." 
JINJIN often half-jokingly and half-seriously refer to himself as, "worldwide handsome", and it seemed like the fan unconsciously said his 'nickname' instead of his name. 

His story is making many ARMY around the world laugh at the moment. 

(Credit= WeVerse, 'BTS_twt' Twitter) 

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