CL Treats Pizza to All Fans Waiting for Her Concert

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 1, 2021

CL Treats Pizza to All Fans Waiting for Her Concert
K-pop artist CL kindly bought pizza for all fans waiting for her concert. 

On November 30, CL's concert tour 'ALPHA' took place at XOYO, London. 

Since hours before the concert, fans lined up outside the venue to see her. 

Even though it was cold outside, lots of fans were seen waiting in line. 
CL buys pizza for fansWhile they were waiting, they were given a surprise gift, and that was pizza. 

Each group of fans were given a whole pizza each to share. 

Vegan pizzas were also there for vegetarians and vegans. 

It was revealed that CL bought those pizzas for fans so that they could warm up in the cold and fill up their stomach prior to the concert. 
CL buys pizza for fansMany fans who were present took to their social media to express gratitude to CL later on. 

They also shared how much they enjoyed the concert. 

After witnessing CL's sweet move online, CL's other fans left comments such as, "That's so sweet of her!", "This is why I can't stop loving her.", "Awww! I love you to the moon and back, unnie!" and so on. 
(Credit= 'chaelinCL' 'wholefoodsgay' 'zenfulexistence' 'sowmiyaj98' Twitter) 

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