Fans Angrily Demand Song Ji-hyo's Agency for a Change in Her Style

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 1, 2021

Fans Angrily Demand Song Ji-hyo's Agency for a Change in Her Style
Actress Song Ji-hyo's fans are demanding her agency for a change in her style. 

On November 29, Song Ji-hyo's fandom on a large online community DC Inside gathered and released a statement together. 

It was a statement saying about Song Ji-hyo's "unstylish" appearance, and demanding the revision of her style to her agency. 
Song Ji-hyoThey started the statement by expressing their dissatisfaction about Song Ji-hyo's new hairstyle. 

Recently, Song Ji-hyo gave herself a makeover; she was styled with a pixie hair cut. 

Then on November 28, her new hairstyle was aired on SBS' television show 'Running Man'. 

Following the broadcast, lots of fans made negative comments regarding her new hairstyle. 

It was not because she did not look good with a pixie hair cut, but it was since it was cut as if an amateur had cut it. 

They left comments such as, "I thought she was wearing a funny wig.", "Did her hairstylist decided to quit in the middle of her haircut or what?", "Did her hairstylist really know what he/she was doing?" and more. 
Song Ji-hyoThen, there was a part where the fans discussed how her make-up and outfits were old-fashioned and weird. 

They said that her make-up and outfits should act as a catalyst to her beauty, but they diminish it instead. 

Their words included things like, "Sometimes, her 'penalty' clothes on 'Running Man' looked better than the ones that were styled by her stylists.", "Her stylists don't seem to be even trying to make Song Ji-hyo look beautiful." and so on. 
Song Ji-hyoFans shared that they wished to see Song Ji-hyo's appearance getting positive feedback from the public, since it has been years they saw that. 

They added, "We aren't demanding a change in her style simply because we want her to look prettier. Her style influences her overall image as an actress, which could affect the projects that she gets asked to take part in." 

(Credit= SBS Running Man, 'my_songjihyo' Instagram, 'SBS NOW' YouTube) 

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