VIDEO: V Turns Into the Hottest 'Squid Game' Masked Manager at BTS Concert

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 3, 2021

VIDEO: V Turns Into the Hottest 'Squid Game' Masked Manager at BTS Concert
V of K-pop boy group BTS transformed into the hottest 'Squid Game' masked manager at the group's concert. 

On December 1 (local time), the third day of BTS' concert 'PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE―L.A.' was held at SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles, the United States. 

Towards the end of the concert, one guy came on stage, dressed as the masked manager in Netflix's popular series 'Squid Game'. 
VVJust as fans wondered who the masked manager was, he took his mask off. 

As soon as he took the mask off, fans' loud screams filled the stadium. 

It turned out to be V, and everyone just could not help but gasp and scream when his gorgeous face was revealed.  
VVAlthough it is not any surprise as V looks good in everything in the world, he also looked amazing in the costume. 

He could easily be the hottest masked manager in 'Squid Game' if the games in the series really happened. 

Regarding his masked manager costume, fans left comments such as, "If he was the one about to kill me in 'Squid Game', I would be happy to be killed LOL.", "How does he manage to shine, like all the time?", "I'm speechless." and so on. 
VNetflix also took to their official Twitter to share their thoughts on it. 

They said, "While V should never really wear a mask, I am living for this BTS x Squid Game mashup." 

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