BTS V Accidentally Follows BLACKPINK JENNIE on Instagram

Dec 7, 2021

BTS V Accidentally Follows BLACKPINK JENNIE on Instagram
K-pop boy group BTS just added another social media platform to interact with their fans: Instagram.

On December 6, all seven members of BTS made their fans gasp in surprise by launching their personal Instagram accounts, which have been officially verified by Instagram.

Then on December 7, fans noticed a new addition to V's Instagram following list―and it was JENNIE of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK.
VAs V originally followed only the six other members of BTS and the group's official account, this new addition surely made the fans go wild.

However, V unfollowed JENNIE's account shortly after and took to BTS' Weverse, saying, "Is there a way to get rid of the 'recommended' list on Instagram? It's a scary app."
VBy that, fans speculated that V following JENNIE's account was a mere 'mistake'.

They commented, "Literally the whole world is watching him all the time.", "I knew he didn't follow JENNIE on purpose.", "What's wrong with following her though? Get a life, people.", and more.

(Credit= BIGHIT MUSIC, Weverse, 'thv' 'jennierubyjane' Instagram)

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