Seonye Returns to Stage for the First Time Since She Left Wonder Girls in 2015

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 7, 2021

Seonye Returns to Stage for the First Time Since She Left Wonder Girls in 2015
Seonye, formerly of K-pop girl group Wonder Girls, has returned as a singer. 

On December 7, Seonye sat down for an interview with the press for her upcoming television show 'Mama the Idol'. 

'Mama the Idol' is a show that depicts the story of former K-pop stars/current mothers forming a project group together to perform on stage again. 
SeonyeDuring the interview, Seonye said, "I decided to join the show after reading that it was about mothers getting together for a performance." 

She continued, "When I was part of Wonder Girls, we used to do a lot of retro-style performances. I would like to try performing with other styles of performances this time." 
SeonyeThen, Seonye mentioned the promise that she made to fans years ago. 

The former K-pop star went on, "On the day of my marriage, I said that I would sing as long as my voice wasn't gone. At that time, I wasn't sure when that would be, so I told everyone that it'll just be one day in the future." 

She resumed, "It's been nine years already, and I'll finally be able to sing on stage again. I feel grateful for this opportunity that's given to me, and will do my best on the show." 

Lastly, she added, "I would like to thank all my fans for waiting for me all this time. Thank you so much, and I love you!" 
SeonyeSeonye debuted as a leader of Wonder Girls in 2007, then officially left the group in July 2015.

In the beginning of 2013, she unexpectedly announced marriage with a Korean-Canadian missionary James Park while she was still actively promoting as Wonder Girls.

Seonye-James Park couple have three daughters, who were born in 2013, 2016 and 2019. 

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