VIDEO: MONSTA X Get Jealous About Their Fans Saying Other K-pop Stars Are Handsome

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 8, 2021

VIDEO: MONSTA X Get Jealous About Their Fans Saying Other K-pop Stars Are Handsome
K-pop boy group MONSTA X members got jealous about MONBEBE (the name of MONSTA X's fandom) saying other K-pop stars are good-looking. 

Recently, JOOHONEY, MINHYUK and HYUNGWON of MONSTA X guested on NAVER NOW's radio show 'Idols in the Middle of the Night' (literal title) that is hosted by their fellow members KIHYUN and I.M.
MONSTA XDuring the radio show, one fan sent a message saying, "You guys probably know that MONBEBE often talk about other good-looking K-pop stars, right? Do you guys get jealous by that?" 

JOOHONEY answered, "Ah yes, I think I will get jealous for real if I see them like that." 

KIHYUN said, "We always have guests on our radio show, and they're all K-pop stars. Whenever the camera shows the best-looking guy in the group, the comment section almost explodes." 

He laughingly continued, "They leave comments like, 'Oh, my heart...!', 'Is he married?', 'Will you marry me?', 'Wow, your good looks make my jaw drop.' and more. And these comments are left by MONBEBE." 
MONSTA XJOOHONEY frowned and responded, "Seriously? Do they really do that? Why do you guys do that? Don't...!" 

KIHYUN commented, "Yes, I'm not lying. Sometimes, I would watch the recorded versions of our show, and MONBEBE are pretty much having a party in the comment section together." 

After listening to all this, MINHYUK jokingly said, "Okay, I've decided. MONBEBE, if you keep doing that to us, we're going to make you jealous as well." 

He laughed and added, "What I meant was, let's just be careful not to hurt each other's feelings, okay? Let's respect one another." 

(Credit= NAVER NOW) 

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