AKMU Lee Su-hyun Almost Retired from the Industry When Lee Chan-hyuk Was in the Military?

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 9, 2021

AKMU Lee Su-hyun Almost Retired from the Industry When Lee Chan-hyuk Was in the Military?
Lee Su-hyun of K-pop duo AKMU shared that she thought about retiring from the industry when her fellow member/older brother Lee Chan-hyuk went to the military. 

On December 8 episode of tvN's television show 'You Quiz on the Block', AKMU made a guest appearance. 
Lee Su-hyunDuring the talk, Lee Su-hyun said, "When Lee Chan-hyuk went to the military to serve his national mandatory duty, I felt really pressured." 

She continued, "When we used to go to meetings, everyone used to look at Lee Chan-hyuk for his briefing. I had no idea that the eyes would come to me when he wasn't there." 

She went on, "I felt really heavy on my shoulders at that time. I felt super pressured. I didn't know Lee Chan-hyuk had to go through all that before I experienced it myself." 
Lee Su-hyunThen, Lee Su-hyun revealed that she actually e-mailed Lee Chan-hyuk thanking him for what he did for them until then. 

Lee Su-hyun said, "I thanked him for everything, and said I was sorry for not knowing all the things that he had done for us." 

She resumed, "At that time, I honestly felt like he was the only songwriter who knew what sort of songs that would go with me well. After that, I came to have great respect for him." 
Lee Su-hyunFollowing that, Lee Su-hyun talked about mentioning her early retirement on television last year. 

Lee Su-hyun said, "I believe I was completely immature then. I think I was being like a thoughtless little girl. I just kept questioning myself when Lee Chan-hyuk was away in the military. I was like, 'What is real me?', 'Were they anything I began doing simply because I like doing them?' and so on." 
Lee Su-hyunLee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-hyun are talented siblings who first appeared in SBS' survival audition show 'K-pop Star Season 2' in 2012.

The duo joined YG Entertainment following their appearance, and made their official debut with an album 'PLAY' in April 2014. 

(Credit= tvN You Quiz on the Block, YG Entertainment) 

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