Song Ji-hyo Shares Stories Behind Her Actress Debut

Dec 13, 2021

Song Ji-hyo Shares Stories Behind Her Actress Debut
Actress Song Ji-hyo shared that she was first discovered by entertainment agencies while working as a part-timer.

On December 12 episode of SBS 'Running Man', the cast members looked back on their twenties. 

Ji Suk Jin said, "I used to spend times at a trendy coffee shops in Apgujeong-dong. Lots of attractive people went there."

Yu Jae Seok explained, "In order to get scouted. Back then, there were a lot of celebrities who got scouted at cafes."
Song Ji-hyoJi Suk Jin then asked Song Ji-hyo, "Didn't you also work at a cafe as a part-timer?"

To this, Song Ji-hyo said, "Yes, I worked part-time at a cafe," and shared that she had been scouted while working there.

Kim Jong-kook chimed in and said, "Song Ji-hyo definitely seems like she would have gotten scouted. When I was young, not just anybody could work at a cafe. She must've been popular."
Song Ji-hyo
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