Seonye Shares How Supportive Wonder Girls Were About Her Returning on Stage

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 14, 2021

Seonye Shares How Supportive Wonder Girls Were About Her Returning on Stage
K-pop girl group Wonder Girls' former leader Seonye shared that the members have been very supportive about her returning on stage.

On December 10, right before the first episode of Mnet's new television show 'Mama the Idol' was aired, Seonye went live on Instagram with the other two 'Mama the Idol' members―Ka-hi and Park Jung Ah. 

'Mama the Idol' is a show that depicts the story of former K-pop stars/current mothers forming a project group together to perform on stage again. 
SeonyeDuring the live broadcast, Seonye said, "I didn't have any chance to perform on stage after having children as I live outside Korea. I lived as a very ordinary mother of three children for a long time." 

She went on, "Before I made a decision to join this show, I worried about my dancing skills and appearance. For the last several years, I didn't even get to stretch myself for once. I was also never good at dancing, so I was worried if I would be able to dance on stage again." 

She resumed, "Not only that, but I also felt like my looks have changed too much over time, and I was concerned about the way I would look on television. At the same time though, I was excited about making a comeback. That's why I decided to take part of it in the end." 
SeonyeThen, Seonye mentioned how the members of Wonder Girls responded to her going back on stage to perform. 

Seonye stated, "They were really supportive. They were so excited about it as well. They even sent me gifts to wish me good luck." 

She continued, "Although we didn't get to see each other often, as I lived in Canada, we kept in frequent touch through a mobile messenger. We asked and told each other what we had been up to and stuff from time to time." 
SeonyeSeonye debuted as a leader of Wonder Girls in 2007, then officially left the group in July 2015.

In the beginning of 2013, she unexpectedly announced marriage with a Korean-Canadian missionary James Park while she was still actively promoting as Wonder Girls.

Seonye-James Park couple have three daughters, who were born in 2013, 2016 and 2019. 

(Credit= Mnet Mama the Idol, 'wondergirlsworld' Facebook) 

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