NCT JOHNNY·DOYOUNG·MARK Apologize for Their Inconsiderate Reactions to Jeju Earthquake

Dec 15, 2021

NCT JOHNNY·DOYOUNG·MARK Apologize for Their Inconsiderate Reactions to Jeju Earthquake
K-pop boy group NCT's JOHNNY, DOYOUNG, and MARK apologized for their reactions to an earthquake alert during the group's live broadcast.

On December 14, NCT held a YouTube live broadcast 'NCT Universe Countown Live', in celebration of the group's new album release.

During the live broadcast, an emergency alert informing that a magnitude 4.9 earthquake struck off of the coast of Jeju Island was on.

After receiving the alert, JOHNNY, DOYOUNG, and MARK reacted by singing and dancing to the group's song 'Earthquake', one of the tracks from the new album 'Universe'.

The other members put a stop to the three members' behavior and continued the live broadcast until the end.

Shortly after the live, JOHNNY, DOYOUNG, and MARK took to their personal Instagram account so share their apologies.
NCTJOHNNY wrote, "I'm sorry for my reckless actions during the comeback live broadcast. I will be more careful about my thoughts and actions in the future. I want to apologize again to those who felt uncomfortable while watching my behavior."
NCTDOYOUNG wrote, "During today's comeback live broadcast, I made a mistake without properly recognizing the situation. I want to apologize for those who were hurt and felt uncomfortable because of my inconsiderate actions and words."

He went on, "This was entirely my mistake, so I apologize again with no excuses. I will not make a mistake like this again."
NCTLastly, MARK wrote, "I'm deeply sorry for the image that I showed during today's comeback live broadcast. 
I'm sorry for misjudging the situation and acting carelessly. I will reflect on myself and work hard to never show such behavior again."

The earthquake was the 11th-strongest to hit South Korea since records began, and no injuries or serious damages were reported so far.

(Credit= SM Entertainment, Instagram)

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