Ha-young Gives Interesting Answers to How We Can Get Rid of COVID-19

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 15, 2021

Ha-young Gives Interesting Answers to How We Can Get Rid of COVID-19
Ha-young, the daughter of singer Jang Yoon-jung and former television announcer Do Kyung-wan, gave the cutest answers to a question, "How can we get rid of COVID-19?" 

On December 10, a new video was uploaded on Jang Yoon-jung and Do Kyung-wan's YouTube channel. 

In the video, Ha-young and her older brother Yeon-woo were asked a series of questions about COVID-19 over their dinner table. 
Ha-youngDo Kyung-wan asked the two children, "How do you think we can get rid of COVID-19?" 

To this, Ha-young responded, "Well, we would need to go on an ambulance, police car or firetruck. What color of vehicle do you need for COVID-19, dad?" 

Do Kyung-wan answered, "For viruses, we need to go on an ambulance." 

Ha-young smiled happily and commented, "Oh! I got it right!" 
Ha-youngAfter that, Ha-young took time to think about the question again for a while. 

Then, Ha-young said, "Can't we just cut COVID-19 with scissors? Maybe we need to take a medication for it." 

She continued, "Or perhaps we can make COVID-19 really cold with an air conditioner. That may get rid of it." 
Ha-youngAs Do Kyung-wan laughed at her such cute and creative thoughts, she said, "I've got an idea!" 

She resumed, "I think I'll know the answer to the question if Yeon-woo told me what the answer is.", making Do Kyung-wan laugh even harder. 

(Credit= '도장TV' YouTube, 'do_announcer' Instagram) 

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