Jung Hyung Don Shares that HAHA Sent Him Money When He Was on Hiatus

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 15, 2021

Jung Hyung Don Shares that HAHA Sent Him Money When He Was on Hiatus
It was revealed that singer HAHA tried to help entertainer Jung Hyung Don out when he was on hiatus. 

On December 14 episode of KBS' television show 'Problem Child in House', HAHA made a guest appearance. 
Jung Hyung DonDuring the talk, the host Jung Hyung Don mentioned what HAHA tried to do for him when he was taking some time off work. 

Jung Hyung Don said, "Last year when I was on a break from work, HAHA called me after having some drinks. He was like, 'Are you making enough money right now?'"

He continued, "I told him that I wasn't working at that time. Then, he suddenly sent me 1 million won (approximately 840 dollars) through a mobile messenger." 
Jung Hyung DonAfter listening to this, HAHA commented, "I actually sent him 1 won at first. Then, 10,000 won, then 100,000 won. Until then, he just laughed." 

He laughingly went on, "As soon as I sent him 1 million won though, he gave a proper reply." 

As the other hosts and guests started criticizing Jung Hyung Don for it, he laughed and explained. 

He said, "But listen, I didn't receive HAHA's money; I didn't take it. It turned out I was making more money than him even when I wasn't working."  
Jung Hyung DonLast year, Jung Hyung Don stepped down from all television shows that he was doing due to extreme anxiety. 

(Credit= KBS Problem Child in House) 

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