Lee Hanee Shares Kim Tae-hee Told Her How Happy She Was to Have Married RAIN

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 16, 2021

Lee Hanee Shares Kim Tae-hee Told Her How Happy She Was to Have Married RAIN
Actress Lee Hanee shared that her good friend actress Kim Tae-hee once told her how happy she was to have married singer RAIN. 

On December 14, Netflix Korea uploaded a video on YouTube that is part of their new series 'The Hungry and the Hairy'. 

While RAIN, Lee Hanee and entertainer Ro Hong Chul were sitting togther, Ro Hong Chul asked Lee Hanee what type of guy Kim Tae-hee liked in the past. 

Ro Hong Chul said, "Did Kim Tae-hee always liked a guy like RAIN or did she use to go for other types of guys in the past? I feel like she may have had a thing for smart guys before." 
Lee HaneeLee Hanee answered, "No, you are wrong. Kim Tae-hee is actually a very active person. I met her at our university's ski club. She may not look like it, but she was always the front one when skiing as well." 

She continued, "When she would meet up with her friends, she would climb a mountain or go scuba diving. I don't think I've ever had drinks with her though." 

She resumed, "As RAIN don't really like drinking, and he also likes being active, so he may have been her type of guy." 
Lee HaneeThen, Lee Hanee shared what Kim Tae-hee told her about her marriage with RAIN. 

Lee Hanee stated, "Kim Tae-hee once told me that she married the right guy and was happy that she married you, RAIN." 

She laughingly added, "But that was when you guys just got married.", but RAIN still smiled in happiness. 

(Credit= SBS Entertainment News, 'Netflix Korea 넷플릭스 코리아' YouTube) 

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