TXT TAEHYUN Impresses Everyone by Making Kimchi All by Himself

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 16, 2021

TXT TAEHYUN Impresses Everyone by Making Kimchi All by Himself
TAEHYUN of K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) made his own kimchi. 

On December 15, TAEHYUN shared some photos on the group's official online fan community. 

The photos showed TAEHYUN making kimchi from scratch all by himself. 
TAEHYUN's kimchiKimchi used to be made at home in the past, but not many people in modern Korea make kimchi by themselves. 

It is because making kimchi requires a lot of work, and buying kimchi at the supermarket works out to be much cheaper with no work to do. 

Only a small number of older-generation Koreans tend to make kimchi at home nowadays; far less youngsters are willing to make it at home. 
TAEHYUN's kimchiBut TAEHYUN did everything from making the glutinous rice paste, spice paste, getting spring onions ready to mixing them together. 

He had also neatly put his kimchi in a large food-storage container after making it, and it actually looked very legitimate. 

Along with these photos, TAEHYUN wrote, "Oh nice, so this works. I just wanted to try making kimchi, because I heard that it isn't something easy to do." 

After seeing this post, TXT fans wowed and gave him their approval. 
TAEHYUN's kimchiTAEHYUN's kimchi(Credit= 'TXT.bighit' Facebook, WeVerse) 

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