Producer Kim Tae-ho Says He Can See Why Kim Tae-hee Married RAIN

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 17, 2021

Producer Kim Tae-ho Says He Can See Why Kim Tae-hee Married RAIN
Producer Kim Tae-ho shared he could see why actress Kim Tae-hee chose to marry singer RAIN. 

On December 16, Netflix Korea posted a video of Kim Tae-ho, RAIN and entertainer Ro Hong Chul on YouTube where they discussed their new series 'The Hungry and the Hairy'. 
Kim Tae-hoDuring the talk, Kim Tae-ho was asked about working with RAIN and Ro Hong Chul. 

Kim Tae-ho said, "Well, RAIN is a guy who Kim Tae-hee chose to be with. While we filmed our series together, I got to see why she chose to marry him." 

He added, "He honestly is a really sweet guy." 

About Ro Hong Chul, Kim Tae-ho commented, "He's that one crazy guy who makes us laugh." 

He continued, "His thoughts are always unexpected, but they never harm anyone. It's just very fun to be around him." 
Kim Tae-hoAfter that, Kim Tae-ho was asked about K-pop artist Lee Hyo-ri and singer Lee Sang Soon who featured in the series. 

Kim Tae-ho said, "I don't have much to say about Lee Hyo-ri. She's the one and only. She is a living legend." 

He resumed, "Lee Sang Soon is my coffee friend. He also made the soundtrack for the series. If our series does well, we have to thank Lee Sang Soo a lot for it. He's done an amazing job with the music." 
Kim Tae-hoPremiered on December 11, 'The Hungry and the Hairy' is a reality series that shows RAIN and Ro Hong Chul on the motorbike road trip around Korea. 

They relax and unwind as they delight in tasty eats and scenic locales during their trip. 

(Credit= 'Netflix Korea 넷플릭스 코리아' YouTube, Coupang) 

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