Lee Seung Gi Mentions His Girlfriend Lee Dain During an Acceptance Speech?

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 20, 2021

Lee Seung Gi Mentions His Girlfriend Lee Dain During an Acceptance Speech?
Singer Lee Seung Gi mentioned his girlfriend actress Lee Dain during an acceptance speech at 'SBS Entertainment Awards'. 

On December 18, an annual awards ceremony 'SBS Entertainment Awards' took place in the evening. 

On this day, Lee Seung Gi was awarded the 'Producer Award', which was chosen by SBS producers' votes. 
Lee Seung GiDuring the acceptance speech, Lee Seung Gi caught everyone's attention by indirectly mentioning Lee Dain by referring to her as a "precious friend". 

Lee Seung Gi said, "This year hasn't been easy for me. I felt exhausted and had lots of worries in my head. During those times, there was this precious friend who had helped me overcome my struggles, and been very supportive." 

He continued, "There were also many others around me who have given me a lot of support. I would like to thank them all. Thanks to them, I was able to come this far this year." 
Lee Seung GiThen, Lee Seung Gi shared that he actually felt much pressured to do well on television. 

Lee Seung Gi said, "I wanted to be the best in the fields of singing, acting and entertaining. But as that was difficult, I had to let my desires go and just be good enough at all those. This reality tortured me." 

He resumed, "I thought, I perhaps had to go towards the same path that some celebrities who were at their peak had gone. This year though, I finally came to the conclusion that I was going to walk on my own path. I became sure that my own path will lead me to the great place for me in the future."

He added, "I've always taken part in shootings with the mindset that I had to do well, and prove myself to be good. But I came to realize that the production teams do more than they could to fill the side of me that I lack in. Thank you. And I also thank my fans for the love and support." 
Lee Seung GiLee Seung Gi made debut with a mega-hit song 'Because You Are My Woman' (literal translation) in June 2004.

This May, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Dain confirmed that they had been in a relationship for about five months. 

(Credit= 'xx__dain' Instagram, SBS Entertainment Awards) 

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