BTS V Makes Fans Tear Up with What He Wants to Say to Yeon-tan

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 22, 2021

BTS V Makes Fans Tear Up with What He Wants to Say to Yeon-tan
V of K-pop boy group BTS melted the hearts of many with his warm words to his dog 'Yeon-tan'. 

On December 21, fashion magazine GQ Magazine shared a recent interview with V online. 
VDuring this interview, V was asked if there was anyone he wanted to write the end-of-the-year card to. 

Right away, V answered, "I would like to write to my dog Yeon-tan. Yeon-tan went through a lot of difficulties since he was born, as he was born unhealthy." 

He continued, "He is unable to breathe well because his respiratory tract isn't wide enough. He faints even when he runs for a little while. He went under two different surgeries this year, but they both turned out to be unsuccessful." 

He resumed, "The only way for him to cope with it is to take regular medications now. So, I want to tell Yeon-tan that I thank him a lot for fighting the struggles so well, and keeping himself alive despite all that." 

He went on, "I want to add, 'Let's make good memories together until the end of your life. I can't wait to see the grown-up Yeon-tan.' in the card." 
VThen, the interviewer commented, "I will pray for you and Yeon-tan. Wouldn't it be just so amazing if we could understand the dog language?" 

V responded, "Yeah, exactly. Yeon-tan also doesn't appreciate dog food much. It's not good for his health if he only consumes snacks you know, but he is very stubborn. I hope he will start liking dog food soon." 
V(Credit= 'BTS_twt' Twitter, WeVerse, 'BTS' NAVER V LIVE) 

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