VIDEO: Uie Shares Why She Would Not Like RAIN If He Was Her Husband

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 24, 2021

VIDEO: Uie Shares Why She Would Not Like RAIN If He Was Her Husband
Actress Uie shared what would be the downsides of singer RAIN if he was her husband. 

On December 23, a new video was uploaded on RAIN's official YouTube channel. 

In this video, RAIN's good friend singer KCM was seen visiting the shooting site for the drama 'Ghost Doctor'. 

There, the main cast RAIN, actress Uie, K-pop girl group Apink's member Son Na Eun, and actor Kim Beom welcomed him. 
'Ghost Doctor'During the conversation, KCM suggested they play a game where one puts a headphone with loud music on, while the rest talked "behind their back(?)". 

After RAIN put the headphone on and started enjoying the music, KCM asked whether they were willing to swap bodies with RAIN if they could. 

Kim Beom shook his head side-to-side and answered, "No way.", and the two actresses also responded with a big no. 

When asked why, Kim Beom said, "We sometimes have to pull an all-nighter for our shootings. But RAIN would hit the gym to work out even after staying up shooting all night. He's insane." 
'Ghost Doctor'Uie commented, "Yeah, exactly. I mean, when does he ever sleep? I think I'll feel too tired being him, because of the crazy amount of work-outs he does." 

She continued, "I feel like, if he was my husband, I would have a really difficult time. As a wife, I would miss him a lot while he was out shooting for hours." 

She explained further, "As soon as he returns home though, he would probably just say hi to me and go work out. That would make me so sad." 

(Credit= 'Season B Season' YouTube) 

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