Song Ji-hyo Shares Why She Decided to Cut Her Hair Short All of a Sudden

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 27, 2021

Song Ji-hyo Shares Why She Decided to Cut Her Hair Short All of a Sudden
Actress Song Ji-hyo revealed why she suddenly chose to cut her hair short. 

On December 26 episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', the members were seen meeting a fortune teller to get their next year's fortune read, and Song Ji-hyo was the first one to have her fortune read out of all. 
Song Ji-hyoThe fortune teller told Song Ji-hyo, "You are like a flower in full bloom in the hot summer days. The flower is so beautiful, but there are too many knives around that are hurting it." 

He continued, "That's why you are a quite sensitive person. Due to your sensitive nature, you generally place a fault on yourself rather than others." 

He went on, "So, you end up blaming yourself for negative things involving you. You have a pretty low self-esteem at the moment." 

To this, Song Ji-hyo and the members of 'Running Man' nodded in agreement. 
Song Ji-hyoThe fortune teller said, "You didn't have the good fortune in 2020 as well as 2021. It seemed like you wanted to make some changes to your life because of that." 

Song Ji-hyo responded, "Oh yes, that's right. That's why I cut my hair recently. I really wanted a change." 
Song Ji-hyoBut the fortune teller reassured Song Ji-hyo that her fortune turns excellent in the coming year of 2022. 

He said, "You will be cast in major movies and dramas. They may be a challenge for you, but they'll turn out to be great." 

He went on, "Many will give you a round of applause for your work. Your hard work will definitely be paid off next year." 
Song Ji-hyoLast month, Song Ji-hyo surprised everyone by unexpectedly getting a pixie hair cut. 

It was her first time since her debut in 2001 that she cut her hair that short. 

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