VIDEO: NBA Player Damian Lillard Responds to a Shoutout from BTS SUGA

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 29, 2021

VIDEO: NBA Player Damian Lillard Responds to a Shoutout from BTS SUGA
Damian Lillard, American professional basketball player for the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association (NBA), responded to SUGA of K-pop boy group BTS' shoutout with a video. 

Recently, SUGA's interview with fashion magazine VOGUE Korea was released online. 

During the interview, SUGA revealed that he has been very into watching NBA games. 

He said, "I actually prefer the underdogs to the big teams. My favorite NBA team is the Portland Trail Blazers. Out of their players, I like Damian Lillard the most." 
SUGAThen on December 29, Damian Lillard sent SUGA a message expressing his appreciation. 

Damian Lillard said, "What's up, SUGA? It's Dame Lillard. I had a chance to see your article. Somebody sent it to me. I appreciate your words." 

The NBA player continued, "I don't take it lightly to be someone's favorite player, but when they are a fan of our team and something that I care so much about, you know that means something to me. So, I appreciate your words, I appreciate you being a fan of mine and showing me love." 

He resumed, "You know, part of being the underdog is to know that a lot of people don't share the way you think. The fact that you appreciate my underdog status and how I go about my business and the things I want to accomplish, it means a lot to me, especially you being so far away." 

Lastly, he added, "Thank you, much love to you, I look forward to meeting you. Peace." 
SUGA is known to be a huge NBA fan; whenever there is an opportunity in the United States, he would try to watch a few NBA rounds. 

He was previously spotted watching the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers games. 

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