Lee Kwang Soo Shares Which Way He Would Prefer to Propose to His Girlfriend

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 30, 2021

Lee Kwang Soo Shares Which Way He Would Prefer to Propose to His Girlfriend
Actor Lee Kwang Soo shared which way he would prefer to ask his girlfriend to marry him. 

On December 27, a live press conference for an upcoming movie 'Happy New Year' took place online. 

During the press conference, actress Han Ji Min was asked, "If you had to choose your preference, which one would you prefer: your boyfriend proposing to you in public at a hotel restaurant or proposing to you via a video call?" 
Lee Kwang SooHan Ji Min frowned and answered, "Ummm... They are both none of my preferences." 

Actor Lee Dong Wook added, "Same for me. I don't like either of them. Well, Kwang Soo, how about you act those scenes with Ji Min as her boyfriend?" 

Han Ji Min responded, "What? He's going to propose to me? Seriously?" 

Then, Lee Kwang Soo playfully expressed his anger, "Hey, what's that response about?" 
Lee Kwang SooHan Ji Min laughed and commented, "I think I would prefer the video call, but if Kwang Soo is going to propose to me, I would go with the hotel restaurant version." 

Then, Lee Kwang Soo pretended as if he was proposing to Han Ji Min at a hotel restaurant by singing a romantic song for her and going down on his knee for the proposal, making everyone cheer hard. 

After that, the host Park Kyung-rim asked Lee Kwang Soo, "Which one is your actual preference though?" 

Lee Kwang Soo thought for a while, then answered, "I think I would prefer to propose to her via a video call." 

Back in December 2018, Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sunbin confirmed their 5-month relationship.

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