Honey J Shares Why She & Jay Park Can Never Be More than Friends

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 30, 2021

Honey J Shares Why She & Jay Park Can Never Be More than Friends
Dancer Honey J shared why she and hip-hop artist Jay Park can never will be together. 

On December 29, a new video was uploaded on one YouTube channel where well-known dancers sat down for a talk. 
Honey JDuring the talk, Honey J mentioned her friendship with her close friend Jay Park. 

Jay Park supported her on the recently-ended popular television show 'Street Woman Fighter' by performing with her team.  

Honey J said, "I've known him for years, actually. We got to know each other, as we both breakdanced. But we weren't close at first. We've become close after I started dancing professionally." 
Honey JThen, the host Hong Hyun-hee commented, "It's about time you and Jay Park's dating rumors to start spreading, isn't it?" 

Honey J laughed and answered, "Yeah, but I don't think the rumors will ever even begin." 

She explained, "Jay Park likes girls like IU, and I go for tall guys. So, it's just unlikely that it will even start." 

Hong Hyun-hee said, "You two will be just friends forever in that case? Nothing more than friends, ever?" 

Honey J responded, "Yeah, definitely.", then jokingly added, "But we are more like business partners." 
Honey J(Credit= '__honey.j__' Instagram, '기아 Kia - 캬TV' YouTube)

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