Gong Yoo Talks About the Public's Split Responses to 'The Silent Sea'

Dec 31, 2021

Gong Yoo Talks About the Public's Split Responses to 'The Silent Sea'
Actor Gong Yoo shared his thoughts on the public's split responses to his latest Netflix series, 'The Silent Sea'.

Recently, Gong Yoo sat down for his press interview shortly after the worldwide release of 'The Silent Sea' on Netflix.
Gong Yoo'The Silent Sea' sets in the future, follows the journey of an investigative team sent to an abandoned lunar base for a confidential space mission.

In the series, Gong Yoo took the role of the team's leader 'Han Yoon Jae'.
Gong YooThanks to its genre and star-studded cast, the series was highly anticipated by many and did perflorm well on Netflix, but the viewers' responses were split between flooded praise and heavy criticism.

To this, Gong Yoo said, "When I first received the script and started working on the series, I knew that some people would love it while others would hate it. Since it's a sci-fi, I expected the split would be even more extreme."

He continued, "Of course, there were parts that were lacking, but I think we made the best choices we could within the reality and class that we could achieve."

The actor added, "It's not that we were 'amazing', but I believe that we opened a new path for potential development. This is a meaningful first step for the Korean space sci-fi genre. Many people have different perspectives, but I think those diversity garners more attention to the drama, which is grateful."
Gong Yoo(Credit= Netflix)

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