IVE WONYOUNG & YUJIN Share SOYOU Gave Them Advice for Hours at Bedtime

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 3, 2022

IVE WONYOUNG & YUJIN Share SOYOU Gave Them Advice for Hours at Bedtime
WONYOUNG and YUJIN of rookie K-pop girl group IVE revealed that K-pop artist SOYOU gave them advice for hours after midnight. 

On January 1 episode of JTBC's television show 'Knowing Brothers', WONYOUNG, YUJIN and SOYOU made a guest appearance. 

While talking, the host HeeChul mentioned one rumor that circulated around the time when SOYOU left her previous management agency STARSHIP Entertainment. 

He said, "When you were at STARSHIP Entertainment, we heard that you were really strict and harsh to all your hoobaes." 

SOYOU laughed and responded, "No, that's completely false. I was good with them. I never hit them like what the rumor said. We used to have nice conversations on the phone and stuff." 
Knowing BrothersThen, WONYOUNG and YUJIN who are at STARSHIP Entertainment shared what really was like to be under the same agency as SOYOU in the past. 

WONYOUNG said, "Well, the only thing that happened(?) between us was a single call we had. She called me around midnight, and gave me advice for like six hours." 

She laughingly continued, "But I wasn't tired at all.", making everyone laugh and wonder whether she was being sarcastic or not.  
Knowing BrothersTo this, YUJIN also commented, "I got a call from her too, and I actually felt really grateful for it. No other sunbaes consider us, and try to take care of us as much as SOYOU does." 

WONYOUNG added, "We're not being sarcastic or anything. We honestly thank her for her advice. She wanted to make sure that we didn't make any mistakes." 
Knowing BrothersIn September 2021, SOYOU parted ways with STARSHIP Entertainment after 11 years; at that time, WONYOUNG and YUJIN were busy getting ready for their debut. 

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