TWICE CHAEYOUNG Says She Regrets Going on About "Back in My Days..." to ITZY

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 4, 2022

TWICE CHAEYOUNG Says She Regrets Going on About "Back in My Days..." to ITZY
CHAEYOUNG of K-pop girl group TWICE shared that she regrets going on about "Back in my days..." to her label's hoobae girl group ITZY. 

On December 31, a video of CHAEYOUNG was uploaded on one popular YouTube channel. 

In this video, CHAEYOUNG was seen being casually interviewed by rapper Lee Young Ji, while cooking together. 
CHAEYOUNGDuring the interview, Lee Young Ji asked, "It's almost been 10 years since you made debut as a member of TWICE. How does it feel to see your label's hoobae group being produced? How does it feel when you see ITZY?" 

CHAEYOUNG answered, "Not long after I made debut as TWICE, Wonder Girls disbanded. So, there were no sunbaes at our label to ask for advice when I was struggling with something." 

She continued, "Looking back, that was definitely one thing I wish I had. But now, I have a hoobae group ITZY at our label. It's probably hard for them to approach me, so I approached them first to make conversations and become close to them." 
CHAEYOUNGThen, CHAEYOUNG shared she personally had met up with RYUJIN for a talk over a meal once. 

The TWICE member said, "I wanted to buy her something to eat, although she probably will find it uncomfortable to be with me. I just felt bad for them for some reason, so I wanted to be a help." 

She resumed, "But I regret talking about certain things on that day. I kept going on about how the industry was like back in my days. I was like, 'I didn't have any sunbaes to speak to back in my days.', 'What's difficult for you these days?', and so on." 

To this, Lee Young Ji jokingly commented, "Whoa! How would you feel if 2PM or miss A members said that to you?" 

CHAEYOUNG responded, "Ah, I would feel very suffocated.", then she looked at the camera and apologized to RYUJIN, "Hey, RYUJIN. I'm so sorry for making you feel suffocated." 

TWICE and ITZY are under the same management agency JYP Entertainment. 

(Credit= JYP Entertainment, '차린건 없지만' YouTube) 

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