VIDEO: TWICE MOMO Spotted Struggling to Speak in Japanese

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 5, 2022

VIDEO: TWICE MOMO Spotted Struggling to Speak in Japanese
K-pop girl group TWICE's Japanese member MOMO was seen struggling to speak in her mother tongue. 

Recently, an edited video of one Japanese television show went viral online. 

It was a show where TWICE made a guest appearance, with MOMO and two other Japanese members of TWICE―SANA and MINA as the hosts. 
TWICEIn this particular video, SANA passed the questions to MOMO after smoothly hosting the show.

MOMO then read out the questions on the note card in her hand, but suddenly got stuck with one word. 

She incorrectly pronounced the word three times in a row, making everyone laugh. 

Regarding her mispronunciation, MOMO apologized in Korean, then Japanese. 
TWICEMINA, next to her, told her how to pronounce it afterwards, but MOMO mispronounced it again. 

MOMO started panicking, then nervously laughed, and whispered for help. 

A little while later, MOMO once again took the microphone, trying to wrap up the show, "From Kyoto, no, Kyo... To... Kyoto." 

As JIHYO watched her struggling again, she quickly corrected her, "It's Tokyo. Tokyo!" 

MOMO awkwardly smiled, and managed to say her lines properly. 
Under this video, MOMO's fans left comments such as, "Ah, she's so cute.", "This is what happens when you become too fluent in your second language! You somehow forget your first language!", "I'm laughing so much that my stomach hurts!" and so on. 

(Credit= JYP Entertainment/Online Community) 

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