Lee Se Young Talks About Her Chemistry with JUNHO in 'The Red Sleeve'

Jan 5, 2022

Lee Se Young Talks About Her Chemistry with JUNHO in 'The Red Sleeve'
Actress Lee Se Young referred singer/actor JUNHO as the greatest partner she could ever ask for.

Recently, Lee Se Young sat down for her press interview after wrapping up her latest drama 'The Red Sleeve' in success.

'The Red Sleeve' is a fictional-historical drama about the imperial romance between the crown prince Yi San (JUNHO) and a court lady Seong Deok-im (Lee Se Young).
The Red Sleeve
Regarding her chemistry with JUNHO, Lee Se Young said, "Since we filmed together for almost every scene, we were very close to each other. Since his personality is very affectionate and friendly in real life, I was able to communicate with him smoothly and comfortably while filming."

She added, "Our chemistry was really something exceptional, and I'm happy to have worked with him. He is an actor I have trusted since the very beginning."
The Red SleeveThanks to the drama's huge success, a lot of viewers have expressed hopes that Lee Se Young and JUNHO would film a reincarnation romance.

To this, Lee Se Young said, "That’s not something I can do by myself. If you make it right now, I'll probably star in it."
The Red Sleeve'The Red Sleeve' successfully concluded on January 1 with a viewership rating of 17.4%. 

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