DARA Recently Gains 7kg but Still Cannot Eat over 1 Dumpling?

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 6, 2022

DARA Recently Gains 7kg but Still Cannot Eat over 1 Dumpling?
It turned out K-pop artist DARA is still a light eater despite her recent weight gain. 

On January 4, DARA updated her Instagram with photos of jajangmyeon (black bean sauce noodles). 

Over these photos, DARA wrote, "I fell asleep while watching jajangmyeon mukbang. In my dream, I was enjoying my jajangmyeon so much. So, the next morning, I got jajangmyeon delivered."

She continued, "It was so good, but I couldn't finish it all, even though I took some noodles out before eating it. It was sad, seeing jajangmyeon go to waste. This is why I always need someone to eat with me." 
DARAThen, DARA also uploaded photos of fried dumplings that looked like it was ordered at the same place as where she ordered jajangmyeon. 

Regarding these photos of dumplings, she wrote, "Why can't I eat more than one dumpling? I don't know why, but it makes me feel really full." 
DARAPreviously in the end of December, DARA shared a photo of a bag of sealed potato chips. 

Along with this photo, she commented, "Who else eats a bag of potato chips like me? I usually open a bag of it, then eat it a little by little over the course of a month." 
DARADARA also posted photos of honey bread and corn pretzel around that time. 

She stated, "I was craving two of my favorites―honey bread and corn pretzel, so I bought them on my way home. But I couldn't have more than one bite, so I put them in the refrigerator." 

She resumed, "I ended up heating them in the microwave to eat the next day, then again the day after that."

Although DARA shared that she recently gained 7kg by working out a lot and eating more, it was clear that she is still a very light eater. 
DARA(Credit= 'daraxxi' Instagram) 

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