BTS JIN-made Pajamas & Pillow Sell Out Despite the Recent Over-priced Criticism

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 6, 2022

BTS JIN-made Pajamas & Pillow Sell Out Despite the Recent Over-priced Criticism
K-pop boy group BTS' JIN-made pajama sets and pillow have become sold out in spite of the recent over-priced criticism about them. 

Earlier this month, BTS' management agency HYBE Labels introduced fans to their first 'ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION'. 

Their first 'ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION' was a nighttime collection made by JIN; he designed two different pajamas, and a pillow for people who have neck strain. 

On the HYBE Labels merchandise site, the pajama set was listed as 119,000 won (approximately 100 dollars), and the pillow was 69,000 won (approximately 58 dollars) each. 
JINAfter the prices for JIN collection were unveiled, fans flooded social media platforms and online communities, talking about their prices. 

A lot of them said that they were disappointed with such high prices, and angrily asked HYBE Labels to revise them. 

Even JIN thought the prices were too high; he wrote on the official fan community, "Though I did ask them to use a good material for the pajamas, the price is just... I was surprised as well." 
JINDespite this, JIN's pajama sets and pillow have quickly become sold out. 

Within minutes after HYBE Labels started selling them online, they became unavailable for purchase not only in Korea, but also in the United States and Japan.

In Korea and Japan, both pajama sets and pillow ran out of stock in less than half an hour. 

In the United States though, it only took a minute for the pajama sets to be all sold, and a minute and a half for the pillow. 
JIN(Credit= HYBE Labels, 'jin' Instagram) 

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