VIDEO: HeeChul Shares He Thinks He Is Prettier than Most Girls

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 7, 2022

VIDEO: HeeChul Shares He Thinks He Is Prettier than Most Girls
K-pop boy group Super Junior's member HeeChul shared that he thinks he is prettier than most girls. 

On December 30, one YouTube channel shared a video of HeeChul. 

During the talk, rapper Queen Wasabii shared what she thinks HeeChul's type is. 

Queen Wasabii said, "HeeChul, you seem like a person who would go for cute and innocent-looking girls." 
HeeChulHeeChul answered, "No, you are totally wrong. When I look at girls, I don't look at their faces at all. I look at their body." 

He laughingly continued, "I even used to tell people around me that I don't care how my girlfriend looks, because I'll be prettier than her, whoever I'm seeing. That's why I look at girls' bodies more than faces." 
HeeChulThen, Queen Wasabii commented, "What kind of girls' body type do you like? Can you tell us?" 

HeeChul whispered to Queen Wasabii's ears, as he did not want to make it public. 

However, his words were unfortunately(?) heard through a microphone close to him, revealing the type of girls' body he likes, to everybody. 

He said to Queen Wasabii, "I was really skinny when I was young, so I'm attracted to girls who are opposite of that. I like girls who are a little chubby." 

(Credit= '스튜디오 훜 : STUDIO HOOK' YouTube) 

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