Former DAY6 Jae Under Fire for Making an Offensive Comment About JAMIE

Jan 10, 2022

Former DAY6 Jae Under Fire for Making an Offensive Comment About JAMIE
Jae, a former member of K-pop boy band DAY6 has apologized for a comment he made about his former labelmate JAMIE.

During his recent live broadcast, Jae threw an offensive word towards his longtime labelmate and friend JAMIE.
Jae, JAMIEHe said, "Okay, now that I'm not in K-pop anymore, I can say this. Why JAMIE trying to be a th*t?", and laughed out loud.

The clip of Jae making the offensive comment immediately circulated online, and a lot of K-pop fans pointed out that his word choice was inappropriate and rude.

Jae later explained that he had misjudged the word he had used was the same as "baddie," and apologized to JAMIE as well as those who were hurt by the comment.
Jae, JAMIEAs the clip went viral on Twitter, JAMIE later found about the whole situation and expressed her disappointment.

In her now-deleted tweets, JAMIE wrote, "A what?", "Just remember how much I cared about you even before you were in your last company, and how many times if you were alright. I prayed for you, and your questions were like mind. It's really sad."

After deleting the tweets, JAMIE wrote, "I'm just deleting it, I'm okay," and "I hate that we as women have to be subjected to men's humor to appease incels on the Internet."
Jae, JAMIEJae and JAMIE were under a same management agency―JYP Entertainment―and JAMIE left the agency in 2019 while Jae left DAY6 and the agency at the end of December 2021.

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