One Jeju Restaurant Owner Shares How Kind & Polite BTS JIMIN Really Is

Jan 11, 2022

One Jeju Restaurant Owner Shares How Kind & Polite BTS JIMIN Really Is
One restaurant owner who runs his business in Jeju Island shared his experience of meeting JIMIN of K-pop boy group BTS as his guest.

Recently, one screenshot of an Instagram post has gone viral among ARMYs, BTS' fans.

The post was written by the owner of one restaurant that JIMIN had visited during his recent trip to Jeju Island.
JIMINIn the post, the restaurant owner wrote, "Last December, BTS' JIMIN made a visit to our restaurant. Since he told me that he will stay in Jeju Island a little more, I decided to share this later in order to avoid causing any inconvenience for him."

He continued, "Thank you for visiting us, and I will continue to wish all the best for JIMIN and BTS," and shared a photo of JIMIN's autograph.

A couple of days later, one fan shared another screenshot of a message she received from the restaurant after she asked for more details about JIMIN's visit.
JIMINIn the screenshot, the restaurant shared, "He came and ate at table #3 of our restaurant. Many celebrities also visited last year, but JIMIN was the kindest, most considerate, and well-mannered above all. All our staff members were so moved."

To this, fans commented, "That is so sweet of him.", "Hope you had a wonderful time in Jeju!", "Let's take a moment to appreciate how considerate the restaurant is to share this after he left Jeju.", and more.
JIMIN(Credit= Online Community, 'j.m' Instagram)

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