Jay Park Reportedly Working on Launching a New K-pop Group

Jan 11, 2022

Jay Park Reportedly Working on Launching a New K-pop Group
Korean-American singer/music producer Jay Park is reportedly working on setting up a new entertainment agency and launching his very own K-pop group.

According to Sports Chosun on January 11, industry insiders have revealed that Jay Park is in the process of establishing a new music agency while procuring a major investment from Kakao Entertainment.
Jay ParkIn response to the report, a representative of Kakao Entertainment stated, "It is true that we are currently discussing possibilities for a business partnership with Jay Park. However, major details have yet to be confirmed."

The representative explained, "Jay Park is an artist who is currently active in various fields including as a singer, a music producer, and more. Kakao Entertainment is seeking to diversify its business in the music market through various partnership opportunities."

Another industry insider said, "Jay Park has the capacity to introduce a new wave in the Korean music scene with his unique style, just like J.Y. Park who successfully launched many K-pop groups with his own color."
Jay ParkJay Park originally made his debut in the K-pop scene as a member of K-pop boy group 2PM in 2008.

After his departure from 2PM, Jay Park continued his music career not only as a solo artist but also the founder/head producer of hip-hop labels AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC.

At the end of last year, Jay Park announced that he will no longer hold his CEO position of both labels.

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