TVXQ! MAX Changmin Treats All His Staff to Luxury Cardholders

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 11, 2022

TVXQ! MAX Changmin Treats All His Staff to Luxury Cardholders
MAX Changmin of K-pop boy duo TXVQ! gave luxury cardholders to all his staff. 

On January 9, MAX Changmin's staff including his dancers, managers, hair and make-up stylists, each shared photos on their Instagram. 

In their photos, there were cardholders from a luxury brand given to them as surprise gifts from MAX Changmin.  

Through their Instagram posts, they showed their happiness as well as gratitude to him. 

They all wrote, "You are the best. You are amazing! Thank you so much, MAX Changmin!" 
MAX ChangminNot only fans could not stop going "Awww" for MAX Changmin's thoughtfulness, but they were also very surprised about another thing. 

It turned out that they were all given different cardholders; it seemed like MAX Changmin had chosen those cardholders for them according to the kind of style they like. 
MAX ChangminFans are guessing that MAX Changmin had given such gifts to his staff as the year turned from 2021 to 2022, and his solo album was also coming out soon. 

It looked as if he wanted to express his gratitude to them for working so hard with him. 

MAX Changmin's new solo album is scheduled to be released on January 13. 
MAX Changmin(Credit= Online Community, 'changmin88' Instagram) 

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