Jung Hoyeon Grew Up Looking Just like Her Past?

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 13, 2022

Jung Hoyeon Grew Up Looking Just like Her Past?
Fans are surprised to see actress Jung Hoyeon's past photos as she still looks the same. 

Recently, one fan of Jung Hoyeon compiled childhood photos of the actress and uploaded them online. 

The photos showed baby Jung Hoyeon, her around kindergarten age to Jung Hoyeon as an early elementary school student. 

The post instantly caught the eye of many, because Jung Hoyeon looked surprisingly the same as her past.
Jung HoyeonJung HoyeonNot only did she have the same facial features, but she also had the same playful smile, full of spirit.

Most people tend to change as they grow up, some even look completely different to their past when they become adults.

However, that clearly did not apply to Jung Hoyeon at all. 

It looked as if Jung Hoyeon did not change a single bit throughout her life.
Jung HoyeonJung HoyeonJung Hoyeon herself had previously shared a childhood video of herself, and she definitely looked exactly like her past in the video too. 

After seeing this post, a lot of people left comments such as, "That's just a smaller version of Hoyeon now, isn't it?", "How did she not change at all?", "Was cute. Still cute." and so on.

(Credit= Online Community, 'hoooooyeony' Instagram, ONSTYLE Korea's Next Top Model) 

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