BTS J-HOPE & Jang Sung Kyu Exchange Cute Messages on Instagram

Jan 13, 2022

BTS J-HOPE & Jang Sung Kyu Exchange Cute Messages on Instagram
TV personality Jang Sung Kyu shared his recent interaction with J-HOPE of K-pop boy group BTS on Instagram.

On January 12, Jang Sung Kyu shared a photo of J-HOPE's Instagram story, which was a screenshot of Jang's YouTube series 'Workman'. 

The episode was when Jang Sung Kyu wished J-HOPE would appear on 'Workman' one day.

Along with the photo, Jang Sung Kyu wrote, "I could not believe my eyes. It's fascinating enough that BTS watches 'Workman', but he even posted it. I think I used up all my luck of this year."
J-HOPE, Jang Sung KyuJang Sung Kyu also revealed the DMs he exchanged with J-HOPE, and wrote, "It's not easy for someone who touches the world to take care of one person's emotion. I'm pretty sure aliens are ARMYs (BTS' fans) too."

In the message, J-HOPE wrote, "Oh, hyung! Hello! This is awesome. I've been watching 'Workman' ever since a long time ago. I couldn't watch the episode because I was busy, but my member (RM) told me about it, so I watched it. And wow! My name was right on there!"

He added, "Thank you for making me laugh with amazing content, and I will continue to support you. Thank you so much, and happy new year!"
J-HOPE, Jang Sung Kyu
Jang Sung Kyu replied, "As someone who watched 'Chicken Noodle Soup' music video more than ten times, I'm so touched. This message literally makes me cry," and asked J-HOPE if it's okay to share the message to the public.

J-HOPE responded, "Sure thing, hyung! Go ahead and post them! I will always rooting for you, and thank you so much for watching my music video!"
J-HOPE, Jang Sung Kyu(Credit= 'jangsk83' Instagram, Big Hit Music)

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