'Rookie Cops' Kang Daniel Talks About His Acting Experience

Jan 13, 2022

'Rookie Cops' Kang Daniel Talks About His Acting Experience
Singer Kang Daniel shared thoughts about making his acting debut and his role.

On January 12, Disney+ shared photos and interview of Kang Daniel, who is set to make his acting debut through Disney+ original series 'Rookie Cops'.

In the photos, Kang Daniel portrays his role 'Wi Seung-hyun', a student who dreams to become a police officer just like his father.
Kang DanielAlthough he initially expected a smooth journey in police university, Wi Seung-hyun gets tied up with fellow student 'Go Eun-gang' (actress Chae Soo Bin) and faces twist to his campus life.

When asked about making his acting debut through 'Rookie Cops', Kang Daniel shared, "It felt like entering into someone else's life. There's this specific charm factor in acting that is totally different from performing on stage."

He continued, "I was really nervous not only because it's an unfamiliar environment but also was my first time acting, but I was able to enjoy filming thanks to the help of staff members and my fellow cast."
Kang DanielIn regard to his character, Kang Daniel said, "Wi Seung-hyun is a hot-blooded character who has a strong sense of justice. He's someone who is good at fighting, so I tried to use my body in a way that looked natural."

'Rookie Cops' is set to premiere on January 26.

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