Kim Jong-kook's Niece SOYA Says He Is the Reason Why She Does Not Have a Boyfriend

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 14, 2022

Kim Jong-kook's Niece SOYA Says He Is the Reason Why She Does Not Have a Boyfriend
Kim Jong-kook's niece singer SOYA shared that singer Kim Jong-kook is the reason why she does not have a boyfriend. 

On January 13, Kim Jong-kook uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel. 

On this day, Kim Jong-kook met his nieces SOYA and non-celebrity So-mi, and went to a coffee shop together. 

There, they ordered three different pieces of cake to go with their coffee. 
Kim Jong-kookWhile having the coffee and dessert together, SOYA said to Kim Jong-kook, "Isn't this the kind of place you should come with your girlfriend? You should come here when she says she wants some cakes." 

Kim Jong-kook responded, "You know what? I usually do anything with her. I have no problem with it, as long as she doesn't stop me from working out." 

He continued, "The only reason that I got in arguments with my girlfriends in the past was because of my workouts." 

So-mi commented, "You should have gone on a trip with them." 

To this, Kim Jong-kook responded, "Usually when I would go on a trip with my girlfriend, I would find a gym at the place where we are planning to go, then book accommodation near that gym." 
Kim Jong-kookHe laughingly resumed, "You know what? If I get married, I should just open my own gym. In that case, my wife will not be able to stop me from going to the gym." 

Then, SOYA stated, "It's my goal to make a boyfriend this year. But you're the reason why I don't have a boyfriend, you know that? I can't say that it's the entire reason, but it definitely is a reason." 

When asked why, SOYA explained, "Do you remember the time when I went to join your after concert party? At that time, you told everyone there, 'Don't you guys even think about going near SOYA.'" 

Kim Jong-kook laughed and said, "Oh, really? Did I say that to them? Why did I say such a thing?"  

(Credit= '김종국 GYM JONG KOOK' YouTube) 

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