BTS J-HOPE's Red-faced Moment Spotted on V's Photos

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 14, 2022

BTS J-HOPE's Red-faced Moment Spotted on V's Photos
J-HOPE of K-pop boy group BTS' red-faced moment was spotted on his fellow member V's photos. 

On January 13, V updated his Instagram with a new photo. 

The photo was of a table with a plate in front of him. 

On the other side of the table, there was another person, drinking a bottle of beer. 

This person was wearing a green t-shirt and black vest. 

Only a few seconds after V uploaded this photo, ARMY (the name of BTS' fandom) recognized who it was; it was J-HOPE. 
J-HOPEPreviously in February 2020, one photo of J-HOPE was uploaded on BTS' Twitter in celebration of his birthday. 

It was a photo of J-HOPE wearing the exact same green t-shirt and black vest from V's recent photo. 

In this photo, J-HOPE had a red face and sleepy eyes, looking totally drunk. 

But V, who posted this photo, wrote that J-HOPE did not even finish a bottle of beer when this photo was taken. 

At that time, V wrote, "Hey, why are you so drunk? You didn't even have a bottle!" 

J-HOPE is known for his redness when he drinks, and ARMY could not stop laughing at these photos of J-HOPE. 
J-HOPE(Credit= 'thv' Instagram, 'BTS_twt' Twitter) 

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