U-IE Reveals How Lovey-dovey RAIN & Kim Tae-hee Really Are

Jan 17, 2022

U-IE Reveals How Lovey-dovey RAIN & Kim Tae-hee Really Are
Singer/actress U-IE talked about how cute her drama co-star RAIN and his wife/actress Kim Tae-hee are in real life.

On January 16, U-IE guested on SBS' television show 'My Little Old Boy'.
My Little Old BoyIn the episode, the show's host Shin Dong-yup asked U-IE, "RAIN is famous for being an affectionate husband, so have you ever pictured yourself getting married while seeing him with his wife?"

U-IE is currently starring in tvN's new drama 'Ghost Doctor' alongside RAIN and actor Kim Bum.
My Little Old BoyTo this, U-IE said, "Not too long ago, a coffee truck in RAIN's name came to our filming set. We thought it was obviously sent from a fan or a friend of his, but it was from Kim Tae-hee!"

She continued, "She sent it so simply and without making it so obvious. If my husband was an actor and I sent him a coffee truck, I would put my face on it. But Kim Tae-hee kept it so simple. Seeing that, I was really envious."
My Little Old BoyAfter co-starring in a commercial, RAIN and Kim Tae-hee made their relationship official and got married in January 2017.

The couple have two daughters, who were born in October 2017 and September 2019.

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