BTS JIN Sends the Cutest Message to J-HOPE on Instagram

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 17, 2022

BTS JIN Sends the Cutest Message to J-HOPE on Instagram
JIN of K-pop boy group BTS was spotted sending the cutest message to his fellow member J-HOPE on Instagram. 

On January 16, J-HOPE updated his Instagram with two different screenshots of his Instagram Direct Message (DM). 

In the screenshots, JIN sent a message to J-HOPE saying, "Hey, J-HOPE.", then saying, "I just wanted to use DM like everybody else." 
BTSJ-HOPE laughed at this, then said to JIN, "I've got to make a screenshot of this, and post it on my Story." 

Some time later, JIN replied asking, "Why didn't you post it on your Story yet?" 

Then, J-HOPE asked JIN, "JIN, you brought me strawberries?!" 

Over the screenshots, J-HOPE wrote, "My hyung is so cute." 
BTSAfter these screenshots, J-HOPE posted the strawberries that JIN brought for him. 

Regarding the strawberries photo, J-HOPE commented, "You brought these for me yourself? JIN, you are an angel." 

Recently, JIN shared that he went strawberry picking at his uncle's strawberry farm on his Instagram. 

It seemed like the strawberries were from his strawberry picking day, and fans are non-stop going "Awww" at their cute conversation as well as JIN's sweet move. 
BTSBTS(Credit= 'BTS_twt' Twitter, 'uarmyhope' 'jin' Instagram) 

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