SE7EN ♥ Lee Da-hae Tell How Their 6-year Romance Began as Well as Their Secret Dates

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 17, 2022

SE7EN ♥ Lee Da-hae Tell How Their 6-year Romance Began as Well as Their Secret Dates
Singer SE7EN and actress Lee Da-hae shared how their romantic relationship started. 

On January 15 episode of MBC's television show 'Point of Omniscient Interfere', SE7EN and Lee Da-hae made a guest appearance. 

While having a meal with their good friend actor Choi Sung-joon, Lee Da-hae talked about the time when SE7EN asked her to be his girlfriend. 
SE7EN and Lee Da-haeLee Da-hae said, "It was on my birthday. I rented a party place and invited some friends for a birthday party. At that time, me and SE7EN happened to play pool together alone."  

She continued, "He kept trying to come near me with an excuse that he was teaching me how to play pool. Then, all of a sudden, he asked me whether I wanted to start going out with him." 

She resumed, "I got so shy and didn't know what to say, so I just talked about something else. But then, he was like, 'Aren't you going to give me an answer?" That's when I told him, 'We are old enough. We don't have to say stuff like that.'" 
SE7EN and Lee Da-haeAfter that, SE7EN said, "You know, for the first year or so, we would go separately when we were going somewhere. We used to take different flights to the same destination." 

Lee Da-hae added, "It was hard to go on dates in Korea, so we went traveled abroad a lot. Not long after we started dating each other, we went to this small island in Vietnam together." 

She continued, "One employee at the airport there recognized who SE7EN was. When he/she asked SE7EN if he was SE7EN, he was like, 'No, I'm not.', then walked away fast. I can't ever forget that moment for some reason. It was funny." 
SE7EN and Lee Da-haeThen, the couple mentioned the time when they went to a popular amusement park in Seoul together. 

Lee Da-hae said, "We wore these cute masks, like a lot of other people there, so we didn't think we would get recognized. But some students came up to SE7EN, and asked if he was SE7EN." 

She laughed and carried on, "We were holding hands then, and SE7EN suddenly let go of it then started running to the opposite direction. I thought to myself then, 'Can I really trust that guy who abandons me like that?'" 

SE7EN laughingly responded, "I just thought it was best they didn't recognize Da-hae too. I only tried to divert their attention." 
SE7EN and Lee Da-haeIn the beginning of September 2016, news outlet Dispatch reported that Lee Da-hae and SE7EN were in a relationship. 

Following the report, the two stars made their 7-month relationship public. 

(Credit= MBC Point of Omniscient Interfere) 

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