VIDEO: "That Basxxxd!" Mijoo Gets Angry While Talking About Her Ex

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 17, 2022

VIDEO: "That Basxxxd!" Mijoo Gets Angry While Talking About Her Ex
Mijoo of disbanded K-pop girl group Lovelyz got furious while speaking about her ex-boyfriend. 

On January 14, a video of Mijoo was uploaded on one popular YouTube channel. 

In this video, Mijoo was seen having an interview with comedian Lee Yong-jin. 
MijooDuring the interview, Lee Yong-jin asked Mijoo when her last relationship was. 

Mijoo said, "It's been some time since I've been in a relationship. I broke up with my ex-boyfriend in the winter. I can't say which winter it was, but it was cold." 

She angrily continued, "He started dating a new girl right after we broke up. I think there was something between those two towards the end of our relationship. That basxxxd!"
MijooLee Yong-jin laughed at her pure anger as well as honesty, then asked if she had any preferences. 

Mijoo answered, "I like guys who have a nice smile. I also like pale and tall guys, who are over 180 cm. But I don't think I can manage dating a too-muscular guy." 

She went on, "It's also important that he likes me. I need him to like me." 

Then, Mijoo laughingly added that she is willing to join one of those dating television shows that are popular in Korea right now. 

(Credit= '스튜디오 와플 - STUDIO WAFFLE' YouTube) 

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